WordPress Backlinks Plugin

WordPress Backlinks Plugin

If you have a blog there is a simple and extremely effective way to
get your blog posts indexed using a WordPress Backlinks Plugin.

This unique and powerful method will get your blog posts indexed,
backlinked, and full of authority without you lifting a finger.

All you have to do is sign-up at BacklinksIndexer.com and install their
WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is integrated with the most powerful indexing service
on the internet. This little tool will quietly work away in the
background on your blog and the search engine spiders will CONSTANTLY
be coming back to your site over and over again….it’s just AMAZING!

Every post that you make will get fresh backlinks automatically, which Google Loves.

Using the plugin will get you:

1. Increased Indexing
2. More Powerful Links
3. Increased Traffic
4. Higher Rankings
5. More Sales


More Than Indexing…It’s Boosting

BacklinksIndexer  Pings Each Link Individually To Ensure It is Crawled. Next Your URLs Are Powered Up Using High Domain Authority Blogs, Web 2.0 Blogs, Micro Blogs, Social Bookmarking Sites, and RSS Aggregators. This is How Your Links Become 100x More Powerful

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SEO Link Building

SEO Link building is a process that requires a lot of time. If you aren’t using SEO software then you will know the amount of workload involved in creating accounts, confirming emails and submitting your contents to thousands of websites. It’s very time consuming.

The good news is you can automate the entire process by using software such as  Money Robot Submitter.

With Money Robot the link submission process is easy and completely automated, you will be able to build an unlimited number of backlinks and increase traffic to your websites, which will lead to a higher number of customers and more opt-ins and sales for you. The Money Robot user interface is easy to use and you will easily make your own SEO link building campaigns.

High Speed Submission

Money Robot has multiple threading features (it’s as if you had 100 employees working simultaneously for your website ranking).

Automatic Submission

The submission process is automatic. You don’t need to press any buttons to start this process, the account creation process is fully automated, including the activation of the e-mails. No human intervention is necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

The software uses Internet explorer, Firefox or Chrome to simulate real human activity (users action on sites) and it can easily pass any robot detection mechanisms.

No more search and scrape needed for website lists

Money Robot has massive server resources that are crawling the web searching for any website that can provide quality backlinks to your websites, and you will be able to easily submit your content completely automatically.

Article Spinning & Rewriting

The Money Robot Submitter software has a built-in spinner/rewriter feature, so you no longer have to worry about duplicate content penalties. You can automatically rewrite and spin your articles into hundred of unique versions.

Backlink monitor feature – your Live link Checker

You’ll be able to easily manage and track all your live backlinks including your anchor texts and all other information related to your backlinks with the speed of up to 500 threads per second.

FREE Customer Support

Money Robot’s support team is always there for you; available by chat (Skype, Yahoo messenger) e-mail, via their ticket system and also available on their forum.

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