List Building with Lead Lightning

List Building with Lead Lightning

If you are looking to build your email list, but don’t know
where to start, consider taking a look at Lead Lightning.

It’s a very efficient way to build your list of email subscribers
and at the same time receive commissions on the sale of the system

It’s a mere 7 Bucks!

List Building with Lead Lightning, so what does 7 Bucks get you?

First off – a very simple and efficient way to build a list of
email subcribers. The back office to the system is completely
newbie friendly – perfect for beginners – a child could get themselves
set up in a couple of minutes!

Secondly, you can make multiple $6 commissions on sales of the
system. Commissions are paid on time every Wednesday and your
earnings can be withdrawn either straight into your bank account
or loaded onto a pre-paid debit card.

List Building with Lead Lightning






The Lead Lightning system can be set to follow up with
your subscribers – promoting Lead Lightning as well as
any other business or affiliate offer you want to promote.

You also have the option to promote a free version of the
system, depending on who your target audience is.

There are further upgrades available to make more money with the
system, but it can be used as either the free system (no income opportinity)
or the Lead Lightning system (includes the income opportunity)

Further info is here=>>

Unlimited Banner Ads

I’m going to save us both a lot of time and get right down to showing you how you can get paid to advertise any business and get unlimited banner ads and unlimited text ads. You can be set up within minutes and start to receive high quality targeted traffic to your ads.


The Online Ad Network is all about helping you prosper and they have created a couple of different ways to do that.

1. When you join The Online Ad Network, you get to run Unlimited Banner and Text Ads for any and all of your business opportunities, products, and services.

2. When you have other advertisers in your downline, you earn commissions … even if you didn’t personally sponsor any of them!

Look at what some of the current advertisers have to say:

—— Testimonials ——–

“This is TOOO EASY – Their advertising is helping me get LOTS of hits to my favorite sites, and I’ve made thousands of dollars this year alone. So if you’re looking for a program with GREAT advertising that can pay you a lucrative DAILY residual income. This is the one that CAN make your dreams come true.”
— Linda Acosta, CA, USA

“I have NEVER found an easier way to advertise, and make money at the same time! I am so impressed with TOAN, it is one of my most used tools for advertising!”
— Phoebe Rhoades, KS, USA

“I do love the system. It’s affordable and it works.”
— Karen Gates, VA, USA

Your Account will include:

* Quick and Easy Setup (be running ads in minutes)
* Unlimited Banner Ads and Unlimited Text Ads
* Real-Time Reporting
* The ability to split-test ads
* Unlimited Ad changes
* 24/7 online access.
* No long-term contract. Cancel any time.

The site runs over 200,000 Ad views per day and that number is climbing!

Advertisers get Results because the focus is on bringing targeted traffic to the network to view your ads.
Visitors to the ad network are looking for information related to making money from home, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, mlm, network marketing, etc…

You Can Also Earn DAILY Commissions with The Online Ad Network.

Click the link below and review the compensation plan which pays daily and offers additional Cash Bonuses for business builders…

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unlimited banner ads

All In One Profits: Marketing Tools

If you do online marketing and you’re looking for a easy way to build
ANY  business AND make money All In One Profits (AIOP) has the solution.

All In One Profits (AIOP) provides the most sought after web tools now ALL under the same roof:

Autoresponder, Web Hosting, Splash/Squeeze page builder,Tracker, Rotator, Advertising and much more.

The best part is you are paid $10 PER MONTH (100% COMMISSIONS) for everyone you refer to AIOP!

The system’s built-in autoresponder will automatically follow-up your prospects for you.

All In One Profits (AIOP) has a Unique Patented Pay Plan, Unmatched in the MLM
industry. THE BEST….BAR NONE !!!  You Earn 100 % Commissions 24/7
The system makes it possible for you to break even with your first referral!

Very unique patented “Even Up” earning system.

ALL the referrals in your downline will pay YOU.
ALL the referrals in your downline will pass up their even referrals to YOU!

==> 100% payback commission
==> $10 for each basic referral
==> Break Even with your First referral
==> Unlimited Residual Income
==> No admin fee
==> Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want

Discover how you can start making extra
money online in no time at all. If your
tired of the scams and other junk online
then you need to see this.

Need ALL the web tools ?… you will get them here.
Need 100% commissions?… you will get them here.
Need $10 per month per referral?…       you will get it here.
Need ONE single referral to break even?… you will it get here.
Need ALL the referrals passing their evens to you?…you will get them here.
Need Unlimited residual income?….  You get it here.

Start Earning 100% commissions Today!

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It’s all about Real Online Profits and Success.

YOU will benefit from a Simple Yet Powerful System
backed by a debt free company PAYING LIKE

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2 Day Online Conference With Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor – for $1

HUGE news I want to tell you about.

If you have $1 to spare and an internet connection,
there’s an event happening on August 25-26th that’s going to be a game-changer!

…it’s called The Lurn Virtual Summit.

It’s a 2-day, 16 hour, 100% online event put on by Anik Singal and ClickBank.
They made the event specifically for people who want to start or grow a digital business.

So, people like us!

And the best part (besides it being only $1.00)?

Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, & ClickBank’s C.O.O. are going to be keynote speakers!

For only $1! here –>>

You get to learn from some of the most famous business minds in the world for a buck!

Anik, his team, and the keynote speakers will be showing you:

– Why making the leap from employee to entrepreneur is SIMPLE…
– How to get out of your own way and finally follow your OWN dream…
– How to set up multiple passive income streams…
– How to create, market & see your own digital product…
– Why email marketing is the best digital business model for 2017…
– Why Copywriters are DOMINATING the internet & how you can join them…
–  How to create upsells, downsells & bonuses that convert like CRAZY…
–  Insider tactics for driving traffic to your website in 2017…

And so much more (go check out the event page).

There’s absolutely zero catch or trick – it’s only $1.

All you need to do is login Saturday and Sunday & watch.
This means that you DON’T have to pay thousand of dollars
to drive or fly somewhere and miss 4 days of your life…

…you just pay $1, and watch from your computer!

I’ve already got my ticket!

You coming?



P.S. Here’s the link to the event page again – this is going to be AWESOME!

SEO Link Building

SEO Link building is a process that requires a lot of time. If you aren’t using SEO software then you will know the amount of workload involved in creating accounts, confirming emails and submitting your contents to thousands of websites. It’s very time consuming.

The good news is you can automate the entire process by using software such as  Money Robot Submitter.

With Money Robot the link submission process is easy and completely automated, you will be able to build an unlimited number of backlinks and increase traffic to your websites, which will lead to a higher number of customers and more opt-ins and sales for you. The Money Robot user interface is easy to use and you will easily make your own SEO link building campaigns.

High Speed Submission

Money Robot has multiple threading features (it’s as if you had 100 employees working simultaneously for your website ranking).

Automatic Submission

The submission process is automatic. You don’t need to press any buttons to start this process, the account creation process is fully automated, including the activation of the e-mails. No human intervention is necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

The software uses Internet explorer, Firefox or Chrome to simulate real human activity (users action on sites) and it can easily pass any robot detection mechanisms.

No more search and scrape needed for website lists

Money Robot has massive server resources that are crawling the web searching for any website that can provide quality backlinks to your websites, and you will be able to easily submit your content completely automatically.

Article Spinning & Rewriting

The Money Robot Submitter software has a built-in spinner/rewriter feature, so you no longer have to worry about duplicate content penalties. You can automatically rewrite and spin your articles into hundred of unique versions.

Backlink monitor feature – your Live link Checker

You’ll be able to easily manage and track all your live backlinks including your anchor texts and all other information related to your backlinks with the speed of up to 500 threads per second.

FREE Customer Support

Money Robot’s support team is always there for you; available by chat (Skype, Yahoo messenger) e-mail, via their ticket system and also available on their forum.

Click Button Below For A 7 Day Free Trial of Money Robot Submitter


Autoresponders: Crucial for Internet Marketing

Autoresponders: Crucial for Internet Marketing


Autoresponders and Internet Marketing essentially go hand-in-hand. To succeed at internet marketing your going to have to get yourself an autoresponder. In today’s online business world, you simply cannot succeed at Internet marketing without the use of autoresponders. Having a reliable autoresponder is going to allow you to automate a huge part of your marketing efforts. Building and providing your email list with valuable products and information will put you in the driving seat. The idea is to have your autoresponder working for you 24/7 marketing to your list. A word of advice though, provide your subscribers with real value. Give them information that will be of benefit to them. Don’t just send them your offers 100% of the time.  Build a relationship with your subscriber list, so that they value the information you are providing.

You can use your autoresponder in many ways.  Use it to delivering a well crafted sales message, an email course on a relevant topic, send reminders i.e about an up-coming webinar that would benefit from attending. Get creative with it – your paying for it so keep it busy!  Used correctly and you’ll get more sales and build trust with your subscribers.

If you have a downline in any of the businesses you promote add your downline members into a mailing list.  Keep i touch with them regularly. Keep them updated with the latest developments in the business you promote. Send them broadcast messages congratulating the top promoters. Also, sending short motivational articles that keep your downline members focused and upbeat, will benefit you all.

You can get a professional autoresponder + web hosting for only $10 per month here:

p.s get one referral and you’ll effectively be getting your autoresponder and hosting free!


Classified Ads: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Classified Ad Submission Service

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Classified Ad Submission Service To Submit Your Classified Ads

If you’re submitting your classified ads by hand, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time and essentially money. Instead, you should you should consider submitting your ads using a classified ad submission service. You get many benefits from doing this, from streamlining the process to a greater chance of ad approval.

1. Using A Classified Ad Submission Service Saves You Time!

Classified ads are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate sales.
As opposed to traditional web adverts, visitors who search through classified ads are already
in buying mode, meaning they are more likely to purchase something than people just surfing for information.

2. By using a Classified Ad Submission Service Your Ads Will Automatically Be Re-Submitted

There are quite a few pitfalls people face when submitting classified ads by hand, one of which is the run-length.
Depending on the service you use, most classified ads expire after a 30-day period. Once that period it up, you will have to manually renew or create a new ad. For some people this may not be a problem, but when you’re forced to manually renew hundreds of ads regularly it becomes a serious time-consuming problem. A legitimate classified ad submission service will handle all the renewing necessary to keep your ads running as long as you want them to run.
If you no longer want them to run, you can have the service hold of on that as well.

3. A Classified Ad Submission Service Can Help You Create Valuable Backlinks To Your Site

No one knows for sure the magic formula to achieving top search engine rankings, but most agree that backlinks are one of the most important factors. In fact, it’s proven that both the number of backlinks and the quality of sites they come from are two factors which greatly affect your authority and rankings in the search engines.You can you achieve this by generating tons of backlinks on high-traffic classified ad websites. These backlinks will not only generate traffic from prospects clicking the link, but your website will naturally rank higher in the search engines, allowing you to see an increase in visitors to your website.

4. Classified Ad Submissions Get Your Ad In Front Of Prospects Who Are In Buying Mode

No matter what type of service or product your website offers, you need traffic in order to be successful. There are many ways to get traffic to your website, but you’ll find most are either far too expensive or junk traffic. Have you ever see those advertisements from traffic brokers offering 10,000 visitors for $20? Most of these places send you low-quality traffic which may not even be a real human visitor. This is why nearly 90% of customers who purchase this type of cheap bulk traffic don’t make another purchase.


5. A Legitimate Classified Ad Submission Service Is A High-Quality Low-Cost Alternative To Pay Per Click Advertising

A lot of new advertisers try Google Adwords. Their pay-per-click (PPC) program is one of the
oldest and best in the industry, serving millions of advertisers worldwide. Now, while their traffic is high-quality, it’s very often just too expensive (unless you you’re a company with deep pockets). Depending on the keyword(s) and position that you’re targeting, you could see prices as much as $2 – $4 per click. Receive a couple hundred clicks a day and that’s quite a pricey advertising bill.

A classified ad submission service on the other hand, offers high-quality traffic at low cost. If you’re currently spending hundreds per month on Adwords or other advertising programs, think of the money you’ll be saving by switching to classified ads.

If you would like to submit your classified ad to over 550,000 advertising sites per month on auto-pilot check out:




Global MoneyLine – Fresh Leads Daily



Everyone including Free members are able to contact everyone who joins the Moneyline after them. We are also able communicate with anyone who messages us who joined before us. No email addresses are exchanged unless both persons involved agree.  MoneyLine is Free for as long as you want it to be.

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Traffic Generation Tips. 3 Methods You Can Use

Traffic generation is one of the most important skills that any
marketer should learn to have.

It doesn’t matter what business model you choose to do online,
if you can’t get traffic you’re doomed to failure.

So let me share with you 3 methods for traffic generation to use over and
over again.

Method #1 – Forum Marketing

This is straight forward and so easy to do. A good place to
start is in the Warrior Forum.

Start by posting useful replies in other threads. You don’t have
to be an expert at any particular subject, just share your
opinions and honesty with others.

When you create an account you’ll get a chance to add your own
signature and link.

Add something like:
Get this Free Ebook “Get Paid To Mess Around On Facebook” Now!
and then interact on the forum by answering posts, replying to posts and socializing
with others forum members.

The threads at the top get the most views and older threads get
pushed down the page so it’s worth posting every now and
again to keep the traffic flow going. The more you get involved,
the more your posts will show up along with your signature link.
Don’t spam as it will clearly show and get you banned.

Once you’ve made several replies, you’ll be able to start a new
thread of your own for even more exposure of your forum signature.

Method #2 – Email Signature

Since you’ve already got your own forum signature, why not copy
that into your email signature?

Every time you email someone, friends, colleagues, social
network sites and so on, you’ll have a link right after your
email which will spark some curiosity – another type of
traffic generation.

It doesn’t take long to add and can continue to bring in new
subscribers even when you’ve long forgotten about it!

Method #3 – Blog Post Comments

Again this is really easy to do. Just like forum marketing, you
simply reply to a blog post related to your subject.

Most blogs allow you to leave a URL so read the blog post so you
can make an intelligent comment. A simple search for ‘make money
blog’ on Google will bring back the most popular blogs – ones
which get a lot of traffic and ones you should be socializing
and making comments in!

To sum up, these are some of the easier traffic methods to apply yet are
still overlooked by many marketers. You want to be where all the
social activity is happening and you want to be in forums related
to your niche. From there you can interact, help others and leave a link back
to your website or squeeze page. This is the essence of traffic generation.


P.S Here’s a Free Report on 101+ Ways To Get Backinks To Your Website: Click For Free Report